RĒJINS (pronounced regions) is an inclusive and minimalistic wellness brand. Our mission is to offer simple and effective skincare for maturing skin. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of diverse skin tones from across the globe, we recognize, celebrate, and connect you with your unique beauty. 

With age comes a deeper understanding of beauty — beauty is timeless, and aging is a privilege. It should be revered through the practice of daily self-care rituals. Well-aging is connectivity with the body and the attentive care given to it as it changes, including your skin. 

Our less is more philosophy in skincare is the compass that guides us. Combining select scientifically proven ingredients and healing botanicals used by our ancestors, we offer a curated approach to beauty that unites tradition and modernity in dermal science.

Allow your natural shade to radiate health and beauty — effortlessly.


    We formulate with safe, quality ingredients curated for melanated skin. Our products are free from phthalates, fragrances, and drying alcohols.


    Culture shapes us and gives color and vibrancy to our world. We’re here to bring culture front and center, promoting an inclusive community for all skin tones.


    We’re passionate about skincare just like our customers. We’re dedicated to developing curated products with ingredients that help encourage a beautiful and radiant complexion